Another Chilly Day in San Diego

Brrr!!! It is sure chilly out here in San Diego. I don’t mind the cold but geezzz! I can’t wait for the “normal” San Diego weather. Ahhh so I took some pics of how I pack my diaper bag using my Toki Perky BFF. It’s not packed to capacity just the essentials. Believe me, I can pack a LOT more. Enjoy!


In the mommy pocket: wallet, tissue, juicy sample perfume, advil, chapstick, mints, permanent pen, tide to go pen, pen, antibacterial handsoap and midol.
 photo x_zps6eca0af4.jpg

 photo xx_zps6f50e3ec.jpg

 photo xxx_zpsb319b6f0.jpg
Main pocket: Large set piece, medium set piece, swaddle blanket, wipes, lotion, disposable trash bags, 4 size 3 dipaers, hand & face wipe, pacifier wipes, burp cloth, teething bib, tokiperky Be Neat and feminine pads.

 photo xxxx_zps4a2e013a.jpg

In the large set piece: bucket hat, 6 mos onesie, 6 mos shorts and 6 mos jacket.
 photo xxxxx_zpscd1a705a.jpg

Medium set piece: qtips, nail cutter, teething gel pen, brush, medicine and thermometer.
 photo xxxxxx_zpsdf2712e9.jpg

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