House hunting is TORTURE!

San Diego…one of the most expensive cities to live in. Sometimes I wonder how some people are able to afford living here. We’ve lived in military housing for about 3 years here in San Diego. We’ve decided its time to find/purchase our first home. Oh man, San Diego, you are very expensive. We’ve searched on and off for about a year to no avail. It’s very frustrating looking at homes that don’t fit your needs. If I’m paying thousands of dollars on a house, it better be one that I am satisfied with. No regrets. Finally we both decided that Temecula or Murrieta would be a great place to raise our son. Now that we got the location on board the only thing that really annoys me the most is competing with a billion people on a home. A few weeks ago I saw a home that I really really liked and my realtor said their were 25+ offers on that home! 25+ are you kidding me? I have to compete with cash buyers and investors? I really don’t know how we can ever find a home. This is the only thing that frustrates me. I don’t have thousands of dollars in cash in my wallet to hand over. We’re just a military family looking for our first new home to raise our child. I know I’m not the only family with this problem. I try to be positive and tell myself that if a house is right for us it’ll happen. It’s kind of hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I see sooo many other buyers trying to snatch that dream home you want. I guess that’s the down side of living in Southern California. It is EXPENSIVE.

Hopefully (cross your fingers) we will find a home by the end of the year. Now back to looking at house listings!

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