Helping Hand

Oh the joys of helping a new Airman get situated in San Diego. Hubby is out helping a new Airman with checking in and where everything is at on Coronado. I like that my hubby enjoys lending a hand with new Airmen that join the command. My hubby had a horrible experience when we first were stationed in San Diego. Their was NO ONE to help out my hubby and when he did check in, no one seemed to know he was coming. Now this new command he’s at is all about work morale. My hubby wants to give/show these new Airmen and good experience and impression at their new command. Being that these Airmen are new to the Navy.

While my hubby is out helping the new Airman, I’ve been thinking about making Lemon Pie Bars. Apparently lemon bars are it right now. I saw this recipe on the All Recipes magazine. It looks really great. I will post my creation this coming week. If you want to get started the recipe is at:

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