Ju Ju Be : Be Prepared in Early Sunrise VIDEO

It has been a very busy weekend with all the excitement over my husband’s command ceremony. I finally made a short and sweet video of the new Ju Ju Be Be Prepared in Early Sunrise. I’m so glad that the back pocket has a button closure. I saw a few posts on PR and videos on Youtube about how some mamas out there who did not like that it was open and it made the bag look huge. Great improvement on the BP with the added button closure. The ES print is beautiful IRL. It’s pleasing to the eyes and boy can it carry a lot! The video is just some of the things I would bring if I were to be out for the whole day. I always need to have everything with me when I’m out. I don’t like to go without things for my son when we’re out. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Ju Ju Be : Be Prepared in Early Sunrise VIDEO

  1. Hey! I found you on YouTube when I googled the Early Sunrise print as I am wanting it but wasn’t sure if it was a bit too much psychedelic mushroom or just super cool. I also have a son and he looks to be the same age, would you mind telling me what made you get a BePrepared.. I am choosing between a BFF and a BePrepared right now and people keep saying the BePrepared is huge! They don’t sell Jujube physically in stores where I Obie so I can go feel it out. Is it really THAT big on the stroller / on the person?

    • Thanks for checking my video out. I have numerous Ju Ju Be bags and the only reason I got a Be Prepared was for long outings with my family and if my son were to stay over at his grandparents home. It is huge and can be heavy. This bag is not recommended to be carried around while you shop or walk around. The bag is great when it comes to organization and their are plenty of pockets. The bag I use everyday is the BFF. I currently bought another BFF in the Mint Chip color and it is my everyday bag when I am out with my son.

      If you are on Facebook, join the Ju Ju Be Chat and the Ju Ju Be B/S/T. Their are always great deals on the Buy/Sell/Trade page. On the Ju Ju Be Chat page, their are always ladies their to answer and give advice on anything Ju Ju Be. You’ll be hooked!

      Thanks again! =)

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