Late Night Post

I was surfing the San Diego news thread and am shocked about this article:
Rocker accused of murder-for-hire

As I Lay Dying is a metal band from San Diego. I’ve seen these guys play before and they are really good. I was so shocked when I saw the headline! I’m very curious to hear/see what really went down. He is going to prison for a very long time. smh.

In other “happier” news, here is a recipe for all you do-it-yourselves mamas. (Saw this on FACEBOOK)

    Homemade Diaper Wipes!

Supplies:- Tall, round 3 Quart container with a lid
– Better quality paper towels (the cheap paper towels don’t work well on a dirty bottom)
– Knife to cut the paper towel roll in two
– Baby shampoo
– Baby oil

1. Cut a paper towel roll in half so you have two short rolls.

2. Set one roll inside the canister. Set the other half aside for next time.

3. Combine and stir together:
1 1/2 cup hot tap water
2 Tablespoon baby shampoo
2 Tablespoon baby oil

4. Pour the liquid mixture over the top of the paper towel roll. As the liquid soaks through, the moisture will loosen the cardboard center making it easy to pull out. If you get lucky, it will bring with it the end of the paper towel roll. If not, carefully pull on the wipes in the center to get the sequence going.

5. Pull out the amount of paper towels (from the center) that are needed. Reseal after each use.

6. If the wipes are not wet enough or the lid doesn’t get put back on, just add more water. If the wipes are too moist, leave the lid off for a little while.

***Also great for wiping your hands too!***

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