VIDEO: Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote in Classically Crete

Petunia Pickle Bottom. Yes, I’ve pulled the trigger and got myself a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. And I LOVE IT! I got the touring tote in Classically Crete and the Waderlust wallet. I’ve always been curious about PPB bags and after watching a bunch of youtube videos on PPB, I’ve decided to try out the touring tote. As you know, I love my Ju Ju Be Hobobe but its a love and hate relationship with that bag. I want to make it work but its just too small for the things I need. So I was super excited when I got my PPB yesterday and everything I wanted to put in my hobobe fits perfectly in my touring tote! The touring tote is stylish and classy looking. I totally recommend this to all you mommys out there who wants a purse that works as a diaper bag also. If you don’t want to shell out the money you should try and find a excellent used condition at the Petunia Pickle Bottom B/S/T page. Any questions or comments please feel free and ask. Hope you love the video!

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote in Classically Crete

  1. I watched your TT video and I’m I’m the market for a downsize diaper bag. It’s between HBB and the TT. I know you said you actually prefer the TT but I’ve also noticed you have gone back to the HBB since this video. Is there a reason why??? I cloth diaper and want to downsize as my son 20 months but due to cloth I still need some room. Can you get a bit more specific on why you prefer this bag? And why you went back to the JJB HBB?

    • Thanks for watching my You Tube videos!

      AFter playing around with my hobobe, I finally got it to work for me. The hobobe for me is a lot more reliable and doesnt feel bulky when I use it. The insulated bottle pockets is a huge PLUS in my book. Plus if I spill anything on it, I can always wipe away or wash the bag. I also found that if I use little bags inside of my hobobe it helps me to pack more things and its a lot more organized.

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