Wipe This


As a mother of an 11 month old, I am always trying my best to keep my son’s everyday life as germ-free as possible. I’ve been through countless wipes and sanitizers over the past year. Amd I am always on the look out for new wipes for me to use. I was browsing on diapers.com and stumbled upon a brand called, Dapple. Now the only reason why I was looking for cleaning wipes was to find a pack of wipes that had the plastic snap closure (just like the Boogie Wipes). And also it was in a convenient size to put inside my diaper bag.  And whole and be hold I found it. These wipes are frangrance-free and used for toy and surface wipes. You can use them on anything your little one comed into contact with.  Use them on toys, highchairs,  public changing station, and so forth. Most importantly,  Dapple is Biodegradable, no dyes, made from natural ingredients, free from parabens, phthalate, SLES, SLS, and Cholrine. Dapple is 100% cleaning power and 0% Toxins.

I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend you to try this great product. And not to mention, it is inexpensive. The 20 count travel wipes were only $3.99 and the 75 count value size were $7.99 at Diapers.com.

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