Binky Spritz


Binky Spritz is a sanitizing spray that is made from natural ingredients safe to use around kids. The best part of this spray is that it is 100% food grade. Which means you can also spray your child’s toys without fear of harsh chemicals affecting your child. This spray is by far my favorite sanitizer. I use it a lot to spray the shopping carts before I put on my son’s shopping cart cover. I also use it on my son’s teething toys too. I like that it is convenient as oppose to actual wipes. All I do is spray and your good to go and you don’t have a dirty wipe(s) you have to throw away. Their are many ways to use Binky Spritz. Use them on pacifiers, toys, table tops, hands, highchairs,  spoons, and so much more.  Binky Spritz is safe to swallow, no added sugar, alcohol free, non toxic and all natural ingredients. Why don’t you give them a try? I’m sure you will love it.

Buy yours today by visiting: It is a 2oz bottle and cost $5.99 plus shipping.

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