What I Keep In My Ju Ju Be Ziggy Zag Be Set

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing what I keep in my Be Set Ziggy Zag by Ju Ju Be. Ju Ju Be released this print along with other accessories/bags for their 8th birthday a couple weeks back. Be Set’s are 3 accessories bag and comes with a short and long strap. Below is a list of the things I keep in my Be Set. Check out the entire collection at: Ju-Ju-Be.com


The ‘Small’ Set Piece (First Aid):

-4 Guazes
-Sting Relief
-Burn Gel
-Triple Anitbiotic Ointment
-Some Moist Wipes
-Anti-Septic Wipes
-Band Aids (various sizes)
-QTips in a baggie
-Nail Clipper
-Pill Box
-Neosporin To Go

The ‘Medium’ Set Piece (Restaurant Items):

-Ju Ju Be Be Neat Bib (fairytella print)
-Table Topper
-Sippy Cup Strap
-Earth’s Best Food Pouch
-Disposable spoons and forks (4)
-Packet of Plum Teensy Fruits
-Ella’s Kitchen Granola Bar
(Sometimes I have a Nature Valley Granola Bar for myself!)

The ‘Large’ Set Piece (Diapering Essentials):

-Light Change Pad that came with my Ju Ju Be Hobobe
-Huggies Wipes
-2 Disposable Change Pads
-3 Size3 Diapers
-Clorox To Go Wipes
-Munchkin Disposable Trash Bags

And their you have it! my Ju Ju Be Ziggy Zag Be Set!
I love how the print matches my Mister Gray Hobobe!

Be Quick

What I keep in my Ju Ju Be Tokidoki Fairytella Be Quick

Hey folks! This is an updated of what I keep in my Be Quick. This wristlet, I keep inside my diaper bag. I like to keep it all in one small pouch because I like the organization. Everything I need to change my son is in one convenient zippered wristlet. Plus, if I do need to change him, I just have to grab my Be Quick and leave my diaper bag with my husband. I don’t have to lug around a diaper bag and sift through it while I’m in the restroom holding my baby.



Inside my Be Quick are: Light Change Pad (came from my Hobobe), 2 disposable change pads, 3 size 3 dipaers, Clorox to Go Wipes, Huggies wipes, disposable trash bags and a bottle of Purell.


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