Bath Time!


Today’s review is all about bath products! All these shampoos/body wash are all natural. I’m beginning to explore all natural products for my son so I was really excited to review these products and to try them as well.

BabyTime by Episencial – BabyTime Playful Wash is a shampoo and body cleanser. It is made from natural calendula and it has moisturizing tangerine oil. It has a subtle smell and I like that I can use just one product for my baby’s hair and skin. This product is USDA Organic and is plant based. And BabyTime Playful Wash is Vegan and Gluten Free!

Nature’s Gate Shampoo & Body Wash – This shampoo is one of my top picks because it caters to baby’s with sensitive skin. My son has eczema and I don’t just use any old shampoo/body wash or lotion on my son. I was really excited to use this on my son. First of, it smells great! My son’s skin was soft and silky not to mention his hair too! This baby shampoo & wash is made with Calendula, Chamomile, Orange Flower, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. Talk about yummy! I urge you to try out this product. I’m glad I did.

Bubbly by Nature Baby Bubble Bath – I’ve gone through a lot of Bubble Washes from the big name brands. They have been so-so and it does its job. But since I was finding out about all natural products, I was happy to have given a sample of Natural Bubble Bath. This cute little bottle with an adorable dinosaur is called Dewey’s Bubble Bath. Just a few drops and poof you’ve got fun time in a bath. My son loves bubbles and I personally have bought a full size bottle because I was so impress with the samples I got. The Bubble Bath has a great subtle smell and it is cruelty free, dairy free, nut free and gluten free. It doesn’t leave my bathtub sticky and slippery when I clean up. A fun fact: the bottle that houses the bubbly is made from 100% recycled and reusable plastic bottle. Check the out at:

Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash – This shampoo and body wash I used on my son last night and it was not bad. It is all natural and organic. The scent of this was Vanilla Tangerine. The only thing I would like to change is perhaps having the scent be a little stronger. They come in both 8oz and 16oz sizes. After using the shampoo, my son’s hair was super fluffy. Check them out at:

Boon Scrubble Baby Toys – Scrubble Toys are three interchangeable bulbs and textured attachments meant to teach kids to practice scrubbing in the tub. These toys are easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Now I tried these last night for my son and I find them not good for a one year old. The box says it is for 9 mos + but my son treated it like a chew toy at first then got tired of it very easily. I think these scrubble baby toys should be for older kids. Maybe for 2 years old and older. They are not all cracked up to be. Maybe I’ll give it another try in a year. You can get these Boon Scrubble and your local Toys R Us.

Med4Kids & Dropps


Med4Kids Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack

Treat your little one’s ouchies with this convienient disposable ice pack. These ice packs are a must to add to your first aid-kit. Keep them handy at home, in your diaper bag, car bag, or pack them when you travel. It’s great for temporary relief of scrapes, bruises, sprains, strains, pain and swelling. This particular package comes with 2 instant cold packs. I keep mines in my first-aid kit in my car.

Dropps Laundry Detergent

If you have a child with sensitive skin, you might want to try Dropps. Dropps are scent and dye free. And have been approved by the EPA’s DfE program. These little pre-measured packs are 6x concentrated. Dropps work on all fabircs, colors, temperatures, and washers. My son has exzema on his arm an I am very careful with what I use on my son’s skin. I used a couple of these in my son’s laundry and I like that my son’s clothes were scent free. I haven’t noticed any problems with my son’s skin when he wears his clothes. So far so good! It’s always great to see cleaning products in the market nowadays that are natural and environment friendly. To learn more about Dropps, go to:

What I Keep In My Ju Ju Be Ziggy Zag Be Set

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing what I keep in my Be Set Ziggy Zag by Ju Ju Be. Ju Ju Be released this print along with other accessories/bags for their 8th birthday a couple weeks back. Be Set’s are 3 accessories bag and comes with a short and long strap. Below is a list of the things I keep in my Be Set. Check out the entire collection at:


The ‘Small’ Set Piece (First Aid):

-4 Guazes
-Sting Relief
-Burn Gel
-Triple Anitbiotic Ointment
-Some Moist Wipes
-Anti-Septic Wipes
-Band Aids (various sizes)
-QTips in a baggie
-Nail Clipper
-Pill Box
-Neosporin To Go

The ‘Medium’ Set Piece (Restaurant Items):

-Ju Ju Be Be Neat Bib (fairytella print)
-Table Topper
-Sippy Cup Strap
-Earth’s Best Food Pouch
-Disposable spoons and forks (4)
-Packet of Plum Teensy Fruits
-Ella’s Kitchen Granola Bar
(Sometimes I have a Nature Valley Granola Bar for myself!)

The ‘Large’ Set Piece (Diapering Essentials):

-Light Change Pad that came with my Ju Ju Be Hobobe
-Huggies Wipes
-2 Disposable Change Pads
-3 Size3 Diapers
-Clorox To Go Wipes
-Munchkin Disposable Trash Bags

And their you have it! my Ju Ju Be Ziggy Zag Be Set!
I love how the print matches my Mister Gray Hobobe!

BumBoosa Bamboo Baby Wipes


Today’s review is from the award winning BumBoosa Bamboo Baby Wipes. I am excited to share with you this wonderful product. I have not heard of Bumboosa until a couple weeks ago. The BumBoosa wipes are made from 100% viscose Bamboo!It contains Aloe Vera, Calendula & Chamomile with extracts and pure grade lavender/sweet orange essential oils. The wipes smell great and the material is soft on my baby’s skin. As you know, I am obsess with wipes and BumBoosa does not add alcohol or harsh chemicals into their products. They have an assortment of wipes available from baby wipes to toilet tissue. As a mother of a one year old, I try my best to find the best and natural products for my son to use. Naturally, I was excited when I read about BumBoosa and the fact that their wipes were 100% natural. The wipes alone may be pricey (case of 6 $32.70) but it is totally worth it.
To purchase, visit:

Binky Spritz


Binky Spritz is a sanitizing spray that is made from natural ingredients safe to use around kids. The best part of this spray is that it is 100% food grade. Which means you can also spray your child’s toys without fear of harsh chemicals affecting your child. This spray is by far my favorite sanitizer. I use it a lot to spray the shopping carts before I put on my son’s shopping cart cover. I also use it on my son’s teething toys too. I like that it is convenient as oppose to actual wipes. All I do is spray and your good to go and you don’t have a dirty wipe(s) you have to throw away. Their are many ways to use Binky Spritz. Use them on pacifiers, toys, table tops, hands, highchairs,  spoons, and so much more.  Binky Spritz is safe to swallow, no added sugar, alcohol free, non toxic and all natural ingredients. Why don’t you give them a try? I’m sure you will love it.

Buy yours today by visiting: It is a 2oz bottle and cost $5.99 plus shipping.


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Baby Tiger from Hape Toys


Today I received the Baby Tiger from Hape Toys (10 mos+). I’m so excited for my son to have this toy because we already are a huge fan of Hape toys. I got my son a little push cart which I will show you a picture below. This toy is made from eco-friendly materials.  This wooden push toy has smooth gliding wheels and will definitely keep your baby entertained. It will also help your baby learn to push how to maneuver the toy. And it also helps tyat the drawing of the tiger is super cute!



I think someone loves his new toy!

Learning the ABCs


Today’s review is Charley Harper’s ABCs board book. Every page is full of vibrant and bold colors.  Each letter is accompanied by a beautifully drawn masterpiece.  My son instantly was drawn by the colorful pages. And its a plus for me when it is a board book. I dont have to worry about my son ripping the pages out! Unlike other ABC books, Charley Harper’s drawings are a work of art without the complicated and confusing images some books may have. Your child will learn the ABC’s in no time!