Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine


Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine – Get ready for a lot of noise to your already bustling home! Haha! This cute tambourine will get your little one happy and overjoyed with their new toy. The grip on the tambourine is easy to pick up for your little one. My son had a lot of fun banging his tambourine all around the kitchen! It can get noisy but what do you expect when you hand your child a tambourine! All of Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine has 4 pairs of jingles and is lightweight. My son who is almost 13 months, had no problem carrying his new toy around the house. This toy is recommended for 12 months and older. And contains no Lead, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, or Nitrosamine. To purchase yours today (Retail for $12) visit: http://www.hohnerkids.com/

Ju Ju Be Bff in Mint Chip

Hello all! Yesterday was a great Mother’s Day! I’m glad to have such a great family! Anyways, last Friday I got my Mint Chip BFF from Buggies & Babies. Thank you Buggies & Babies for reserving my BFF! Crazy to say but this is my 3rd BFF. The other two I’ve sold but this BFF I will def keep forever. I love the print and the colors are to die for! Who knew Ju Ju Be could come up with a fashion forward print! I know a few of you on the Pink Room are waiting to see my video so here it is. Enjoy!

Early Sunrise Has Finally Arrived!!!

I’m back after 2 days of being absent. My hubby was granted special liberty this week for participating in a work-realted event. I’m so glad he was home during the weekday since he was gonna all week. Today my Ju Ju Be Be Prepared in Early Sunrise has arrived! This is one of three new summer prints from the Ju Ju Be line. The other two are called Mint Chip and Farfalle. When I saw the new prints, I totally gravitated over to the Early Sunrise print. I love how sutle and classy looking the print is. It’s not too much print for me and I’m predicting that this print will be a big hit. Now without further ado here is my new Early Sunrise Be Prepared in Early Sunrise. This weekend I will be posting a pictures of my packed BP and another post of the accessories I bought with my Be Prepared.

 photo bp10_zps5b505c36.jpg

 photo bp5_zps7febc650.jpg

 photo bp_zps2a52bc46.jpg

 photo bp2_zpse9949434.jpg

 photo bp3_zps7098c13d.jpg

 photo bp4_zps61588281.jpg

 photo bp6_zpsada5656f.jpg

 photo bp9_zpsc0df5788.jpg

 photo bp8_zps41f96742.jpg